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Polk Atrium Outdoor Speakers

Value And Quality

Polk Audio are one of the most popular custom install speaker brands in the world. Great value combined with great quality makes them a fan favourite among us here and customers globally.

polk audio

The Atrium Range

Their outdoor Atrium range of speakers and subwoofers deliver fantastic sound quality all at a great price point. The on-wall speakers come in a 4 inch, 5 inch and 6 inch size, the 4 inch offering mainly background music to the 6 inch allowing you to party if need be! There is an option to cater for each situation and with prices starting at £167.50 for a pair you can't go wrong. There is also an 8 inch version that is single stereo meaning only one speaker needs to be purchased.

Polk atrium outdoor speakers


The speakers come in either black or white and have an aesthetic rectangular shape. They are all-year round weatherproof and are resistant towards all elements. They are quick and easy to install with use of a swiveling c bracket and aren't too heavy. The 4inch has a frequency response of 75Hz - 25kHz, 5inch 60Hz - 25kHz, 6inch 50Hz - 27kHz and 8inch SDI 45Hz - 27kHz.

Polk Atrium Specifications

The Atrium Sub

The Sub100 is Polk's outdoor subwoofer that delivers 'Earth Shaking Bass'. It has a 10 inch downward firing bass drive. Long-throw Dynamic Balance® driver technology eliminates driver distortion for deeper, cleaner bass even at higher volume. like the speakers this sub is all-year round weatherproof so you don't have to worry about leaving it outside, it comes in either terracotta or grey and is designed to blend in with garden furniture and ornaments.

Polk Atrium Sub100


One of the most highly reviewed outdoor speakers out there and for good reason. Really solid products that look and sound fantastic all at a great competitive price. The main thing about this range is the value for money, the notion that price indicates quality is non-existant with these speakers, this combined with Polk's 5 year warranty really makes these a no brainer for someone who's looking for a good quality system that doesn't break the bank!


Polk Atrium 4 - £167.50 (Pair)

Polk Atrium 5 - £205.00 (Pair)

Polk Atrium 6 - £299.00 (Pair)

Polk Artium 8 SDI - £219.00 (Each)

Polk Atrium Sub100 - £269 (Each)

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