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On-Wall Speakers

We have the best outdoor speakers in the UK, and on wall speakers are no exception. All-weather outdoor on-wall speakers bring high quality audio outside to patios, pools and barbecue areas. These specialised speakers are designed to withstand extreme climate conditions such as water, UV and salt spray. Ingress Protection (IP) ratings also provide certified protection from water and particulates.

Standard mono speakers can be paired up for stereo sound, or a single stereo speaker can provide both the left and right channels from a single speaker for smaller areas.

Definitive Technology AW5500 Outdoor Speaker (Each)

Definitive Technology

£149.00 £229.00

Monitor Audio CL50 Outdoor Speakers (Pair)

Monitor Audio

£245.00 £335.00

Monitor Audio CL60 Outdoor Speakers (Pair)

Monitor Audio

£399.00 £425.00