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The New! Sonos Roam Portable Speaker

SONOS are releasing their first true portable bluetooth speaker soon and we are really excited to see what they have to offer. Following their successful launch of the Sonos Move, Sonos are dipping their toe in the true portable, waterproof and compact speaker domain, and it looks rather good!

sonos roam portable bluetooth speaker

The roam encompasses Sonos' simplistic classy design, connectivity and sound quality into a device small enough to fit in your pocket. The speaker boasts a 10 hour all day battery life and has a feature that can put the Roam in a power-save mode that helps the battery to stay charged for 10 days. The tactile buttons are very responsive but also prevent any accidental touches, furthermore the speaker has a triangular shape which allows it to be played horizontally or vertically.


sonos roam portable speaker

 The speaker has an IP67 Rating meaning it is fully waterproof and can be submerged in 1m of water for 30 minutes, however it can't float so don't drop it in your pool. The speaker can be connected to via Bluetooth 5.0 and WIFI 5.0, furthermore it can be connected to a pre-existing Sonos system in your home. It can also automatically switch between WIFI and Bluetooth connection whenever you leave your home which is handy and makes it a true grab and go. For the size of the speaker the sound quality is really good. It delivers a sound that is closer to reality than other speakers in its range, the bass is also surprisingly good for the size.


 sonos roam portable speaker


  • £159.00

We love the Roam and think Sonos have done a great job and delivered a fantastic portable speaker. A great option for anyone looking for a rugged, sleek and well designed speaker for on the go listening.

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